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He was born in Kalamata, grew up in Piraeus and lived in Thessaloniki from 1995-2015 that moved back in Athens. He studied piano, choral conducting (a cappela) and modern harmony of music, classical and modern double bass, classical harmony of music, history and morphology of music, orchestration lessons, Byzantine music and theory of "makam" (Ottoman music). He has attended seminars and «master classes» of contrabass, modern rhythmology, Latin America’s, Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean percussion.  He has participated in musical events, musical and theatrical performances, music documentaries (ERT, BBC, TRT …) and weddings in most places in Greece and worldwide, mainly playing percussion and/or contrabass, or lute.  He has played in the musical theater "Rebetiko" by Costas Ferris, the theatrical play "Loxandra" for NTNG and has worked with many ensembles as co-founder, orchestra member or session musician.  Since 1998 he teaches traditional percussion in various conservatories or music schools. He has given seminars on "Music Village" of Pelion, at “Rhythm & dance festival”, the Music Palace “Megaron” in Thessaloniki and KREIZ music academy in France. He has participated in more than 40 albums as a musician, arranger, or production manager.  Since 2009 he founded the record company "POLYPHONON" that has published more than ten cd to date.

Yiannis Niarhos was born in Athens on 3rd August 1967. Since his early age, he has been involved in traditional, rebetico and folk greek music, singing and playing mainly the guitar, as well as buzuki, baglama and oud. In 2002, he took part in Panayiotis Kounadis documentary "Gia sou perifani ki athanati ergatia", ERT - 2001, with two songs. Since then, he participated in several programmes, with a number of bands, in taverns and music restaurants in Athens. He is a member of Apodimi Band, and recorded with them four CDs. With Apodimi he has travelled to Australia four times, where he performed in concerts and festivals. During 2013 - 2018, he has been a member of the CIE MPTA dance-theatre group. Their performance has been staged in theatres and festivals mostly in Europe. He has been a member of Banda Iovanica, in which they attempt to connect the Asian Minor musical creations with the rich Hungarian, Rumanian and Russian musical tradition. Since October 2016, he has been on stage with Takim Band, performing “Café Aman- Greek Delight”, supervised by the ethnomusicologist Labros Liavas. He composes and writes songs, based on greek musical tradition but with contemporary subjects, and he performs them with Anakorda Band, in which he is a founding member.


She was born in Athens. She has studied classical piano, classical music Theory, Harmony and Countepoint. She has also a degree from the NKUA, Faculty of Music Studies. She firstly got involved with traditional music and rebetiko in 2007 as a singer, and some years later (2013) started playing accordion. She is a professional musician since 2011, and works with many different projects and people, in taverns, bars, theatres, concerts, and many other events. She is a Banda Iovanica member since 2015.

Glafkos Smarianakis was born in Athens. He has finished musical high school, and started learning traditional and classical violin at the age of six in Rodos island. He lives in Athens since 2014, and studies classical violin, Harmony and eastern music theory in the conservatory of Athens. In the same time he works as a professional musician and singer in many different places like taverns, bars, live stages, festivals, weddings and other traditional events inside Greece but also in other countries such as Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. He is a Banda Iovanica member since 2016.

He started learning Cymbal at the age of seventeen next to the great old musician Alexandros Garavelis. He is the only young musician nowadays who studies the technique and history of this particular instrument. His research led him to Hungary and Romania, where he is constantly taught new techniques from great masters of the instrument. He is a professional musician and has worked together with many important eastern Europe and greek musicians in many different events, festivals and concerts. He is the founder of Banda Iovanica.

Banda Iovanica is a musical band that was born in Athens, 2016. It is an attempt to find the invisible musical thread which combines the music of early 20th century minor asia composers, along with the rich musical traditions of Hungary, Romania and Russia.